Plantera – PC – Review

Plantera is a clicker style of game and was created by VaragtP and revolves around the planting of crops and collecting what grows on your plants there is no story here and by no story I mean no story. There is no tutorial per say and no introduction to what plantera is. Its all gameplay just boot the game up click and off you go now this does make this title very easy to pick up for everyone young or old and I assume this is what the developers were aiming to achieve with Plantera. The graphics have a Pixel style which I for one love this art direction its such a breath of fresh air from all the super realistic games out there in this day and age. All the plants, animals and enemies in the game look cute and cuddly like they could not hurt a fly.. But they better stay off my carrots!

Like mentioned above the aim of Plantera is to plant crops and look after animals and collect food from them be it carrots, eggs, apples or berries each time you collect one of them either by letting a friendly NPC collect them or by clicking on them you earn coins to spend on more crops or animals or for lots of coins items like scarecrows to help keep the pests away from your crops.

Pests come in all shapes and sizes butterflies , foxes , crows or some weird pink bunny type creature!? these pests are simple enough to deter from your crops by simply clicking on them. Sounds easy? well not quite.

Early into a game of Plantera its really easy just having a few crops to collect and a single chicken to look after is really simple to manage but as you level up from collecting coins and have more crops before you know it your fending of pests left and right and clicking on everything that moves. It really can get quite hectic and time can really fly when your concentrating on the game however that’s really all there is to offer here and can become stale really quickly its good in bursts and is defiantly not a game to sink hours of play into but If you like a game that you can start up and get into fast Plantera will fill that gap.





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