DragonBall Xenoverse 2 – PS4 – Review

Ahh Dragonball one of my favorite franchises from my childhood and my guilty pleasure to this day however in terms of gaming the franchise has struggled to capture the magic of the long running series however Dragonball Xenoverse was my first real pleasurable experience with any Dragonball game so when a sequel was announced I was defiantly excited.

Firstly the visuals while similar to the original look sharper and unlike the original Xenoverse game the game runs at a solid 60fps granted extremely and I mean extremely rarely the game did struggle there are various stages to fight your opponent which are linked together with warp gates but if you played the previous  Xenoverse game you will see that there is no new stages which is a massive shame and such a missed opportunity and comes across as lazy.

The combat is solid and so much fun and makes you feel like your apart of the Dragonball universe Ki blasts and hand to hand combat that the series is known for is replicated here extremely well however one gripe with the combat is that some special moves are much better than others making a huge total of the special moves in the game pretty to see in action but quickly discarded for much better attacks. However the combat is easy to pick up and get stuck into and that makes the game so much fun and when you dive deep into the combat system its not just mashing buttons and firing of ki blasts once the difficulty ramps up or your taking on other players you soon will be conserving your KI and stamina to be more defensive as being stamina broken will quickly spell disaster.

Content wise there is plenty on offer with a single player that will take about 7-10 hours to complete at a leisurely pace and tons of parallel quests which are set stages which normally revolve around beating various opponents or on the rare chance collecting Dragonballs however this is all the endgame content you really get yes there are places like Gurus house and capsule corp to visit but even these places are just hubs to fight a set amount of opponents and.. that’s really it. For me that soon becomes a problem and yes I know a large amount of Dragonball is about fighting but there is not even a story besides a few lines of text in the quest summary to set these quests apart.

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 is a good game and improves on the previous title however not as much as it should the game still has issues that were in the previous title that persist in this game with lack of real content, Special move balances and no new environments to name but a few there is still plenty for the Xenoverse games to fix and improve on.



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