Dark Souls 3 – XboxOne – Review

A first glance at the the story spanning across the series it feels as if nothing more than a weak story to tick the story box for the games. An undead sets out to restore balance to a land brimming with danger and misery.

But looking into the cryptic lore tells a different story however  item descriptions and vague dialogue gradually piecing together a story of old kings each destined to build great kingdoms only for them to crumble and fall. This story has been the bread and butter for all the Dark Souls games and its no different for Dark Souls 3 this time however you are un kindled not undead which is very much like the previous undead system. Anyone who has played the games previously will however find that Dark Souls 3 is more familiar to the original Dark Souls than its predecessor Dark Souls 2 its look and feel hearken back to Hidetaka Miyazaki’s original masterpiece granted there is the addition of skills called weapon arts which are a breath of fresh air for the combat system but this time for long time players it feels a lot less alien unlike in Dark Souls 2.

However much like the original game Dark Souls 3 is fraught with performance issues. On the Xbox One the game chugs to low FPS in certain areas of the game much like blight town in the original Dark Souls but much more frequently and as a long standing Dark Souls fan this for me is so disappointing. Dark Souls has always had its issues with performance but considering the hardware that Dark Souls 3 is running on its so surprising to see the game struggling to run smoothly granted the issues seem to be much worse in the Xbox One port. The game however does look fantastic and is a spectacle to behold From software have done a excellent job with the visuals there are the occasional bland texture but nothing major. The game like previously mentioned is very similar to the original Dark Souls not only in just game-play but there is always this vague sense of deja vu about the areas you travel in and that sets the tone of the game perfectly like mentioned above this land has had kingdoms rise and fall on it over and over in a never ending cycle its suppose to be familiar and granted we see enemies return from previous titles and some say thats not innovating but rehashing old stock but the whole point of it is to give the moments when you stumble into the next area and ask yourself have i been here before? its excellent story telling without words a staple of the franchise.

Online multiplayer is back and is now revamped and improved with much better connect ability gone are the days of waiting around praying the server will grant you passage into a opposing players world. Making PVP much more frequent and much less frustrating one of my major gripes with the previous titles. Do not get me wrong its not perfect there was one or two times my character was lagging slightly but its so much better than the shoddy experience i had in Dark Souls 2 multiplayer (rubber bands anyone?)

All together Dark Souls 3 is a excellent title and while it has its faults its not without merit the graphics and tone of the whole game is excellent and so is the pacing never did i feel overpowered throughout my first play-through and From Software have done a excellent job in taking us back to the look and feel of Dark Souls but however while that’s all well and good compared to the first game nostalgia or not Dark Souls 3 feels but a flickering flame next to bonfire of the original. (Sorry i couldn’t help myself)









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