Party Hard – XboxOne – Review


Party Hard, developed by Pinokl Games and published by tinyBuild, sees you as a series killer who wants one thing in the world…sleep. Yes, that’s right! It turns out that keeping a serial killer up all night with loud music and parties is not the best idea in the world and unfortunately for the party goers this is not going to end well for them.

Fortunately for the player, you are playing the part of the serial killer here and whilst that sounds rather grim for a video game it is actually kept rather light hearted. Although it is a dark theme, it is cleverly masked with pixel art and dark humor considering the aim of the game is committing mass murder.


The aim of the game is obviously killing all of the party goers and your weapon of choice is your trusty knife. A quick stab will drop just about any target in Party Hard and that makes the game sound easy however the challenge is to not be seen or detected in any way.

Being seen will bring the police to the party who will come looking for you and will chase you down. However there are methods of evading capture such as blending into crowds of people dancing away on the dance floor which can lead to other people being arrested if you are hidden well enough.


There are various ways of killing your targets such as electrifying dance floors or using poisons and more which is immensely satisfying.

One of my biggest gripes however with Party Hard is the level design and while the surroundings change and there are a few traps thrown in, the gameplay struggles as after you have completed three or so levels of Party Hard you will have seen nearly all of what the game has to offer which is a real shame.

There is a distinct feeling with Party Hard that there could have been so much more. Whilst the pixel art and story keep the game light hearted, the gameplay just feels lacking as after shoving unsuspecting victims into traps for a few hours it does hurt the overall experience.



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