Shantae and the pirates curse – PS4- Review

‘Shantae and the Pirates Curse,’ first released in 2014, finally makes its way onto the PS4 and is the third installment in the Metroid mania style game series. This chapter, as the name suggests, follows Shantae the half genie on her adventure to save the world from the pirates curse.

Firstly the game looks great and this is one of the major things that make Shantae games stand out from the rather bloated Metroidmania genre. The style of art work transitions into the game nicely as the sprite art is very good especially as each time the characters speak a still image of the character pops up and even changes expression depending on the dialogue being spoken. This is a nice touch and helps bring the characters to life. The music is enjoyable and does a good job at keeping the areas entertaining and overall the sound work here is excellent.

There are many games in this genre that get ability pacing wrong but this is done great here as the abilities are granted at good times between each other. This gives you the opportunity of exploration and back tracking to find all the goodies you missed.

Shantae lost her genie powers in a previous installment and whilst she can still attack enemies with her hair she is now equipped with pirate gear throughout her adventure. This includes a pistol that can be used to shoot enemies and switches from far away, a sword that can break blocks and a hat she can glide with, ride air currents and more.

Obviously a lot of time and effort has gone into the game and it shows as it is not your typical new release onto the marketplace. It really holds its own with some of the best games on the console which is really surprising given its price point.

‘Shantae and the Pirates Curse’ keeps you engaged for the duration of a play through and while the game won’t take you very long to complete, clocking in at about 7-10 hours, I found myself enjoying the title and I’m very much looking forward to the next installment.





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