Gear Gauntlet – XboxOne – Review

Gear Gauntlet is a game that has been developed and published by Drop Dead Interactive. It has been labelled as a rage inducing game and to be honest it does live up to this label. For the most part you are tasked with progressing through the games levels and in total there are four worlds. Each of these worlds has ten levels to complete within a specific environment for example forests or snow.

The controls are simple enough to grasp and using the analogue stick to move up and down is all that is really needed. Whilst sounding rather simple it is quite the challenge when spiked gears are strewn all over the level to ruin your day. Not to mention the screen is constantly moving forward to make life even harder for you. There are also moments when your path is blocked by coloured bricks and are traversed by holding the button the bricks colour matches. There is a constant feeling that everything is out to get you in Gear Gauntlet.

Collecting cogs as you progress through the levels nets you more points –  bronze being the lowest and of course gold being the  highest. The more you collect the higher your score goes placing you higher on the leaderboard provided that you complete the levels in a decent time.

The levels are clever and obviously well thought out to give the player a choice of risk vs reward as there are branching paths which give the opportunity to either be longer but give more points or shorter but get you to the end of the level quicker. This is something that, in this genre at least, I for one welcomed and it sets Gear Gauntlet apart from the rest of the titles in the genre.

Gear Gauntlet does what many games these days try to avoid, it frustrates the player with its difficulty but grants huge satisfaction on completion of a level due to its challenge. This as previously stated is not something that many games in Gear Gauntlets’ genre, or any gaming genre for that matter, dare to venture into. I for one take my hat off to Drop Dead Interactive for throwing care to the wind on this one.




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