Just Cause 3 – Xbox One Review

Just Cause 3 is a third person, open world, action adventure game created by Avalanche studios and published by Square Enix. It is the sequel to Just Cause 2. Just Cause 3 fpcises pm the main protagonist Rico Rodriguez. Rico, this time around, finds himself in the fictional land of Medici in the middle of a dictatorship.

Rico himself is just like all your favourite action hero stars rolled into one. Many times you feel like one yourself with the stunts that Rico can pull off and this boils down to finely tuned equipment. The grapple hook and parachute return from previous titles but there is the edition of a gliding suit which allows Rico to move around the map quickly.

There are guns in the game but honestly I did not find myself using them very often. I preferred to use other tools in the game such as the tether which is much more fun to use rather than just shooting enemies with guns. Granted, pulling out an RPG against tanks might seem the easiest option but it certainly is not as satisfying as using a creative method.

Equipment can be upgraded with modifications which you can find by completing side objectives. These side objectives are well worth doing for these rewards alone as they overall change the way you tackle obstacles and enemies.

The Just Cause series is well-known for its massively destructive environments and the third installment does not disappoint. By the end of Rico’s adventure the island will definitely not look the same. It is a brilliant example of mindless fun watching chaos unfold all around you and knowing you caused it all.

Whilst there is plenty of entertainment value in the sandbox and destruction elements of Just Cause 3 there are certainly issues with its story as, unlike when you are on free roam or even doing side quests, the majority of the main story quests are quite frankly boring escort missions. Unfortunately this really does take away from the story and Rico as a character as it makes him look more like a muscular baby sitter than an action hero. I also came across a lot of bugs and glitches on my adventure some minor but others major and the AI seems to have some issues in this department.

In the end Just Cause 3 is an excellent game. Its’ open world sandbox allows for huge amounts of fun just by roaming around the map performing amazing stunts aswell as allowing for creative ways of getting around the various tasks and obstacles. Unfortunately uninspired boring main story objectives take away from the experience making the story a forgettable affair which is a real shame. However if you are looking for plain and simple mindless destruction on a massive scale Just Cause 3 is the game for you.






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