Rocket League – XboxOne- Review

Ever wondered what mixing football ( or soccer to some) with cars would make? Well the guys over at Psyonix have you covered with Rocket League.

Rocket League, created and published by Psyonix, is a physics-based football game using cars equipped with rockets which players use to score goals by pushing the huge ball into the oppositions goal. The game sounds very easy but do not be fooled by Rocket Leagues’ simple premise.

Visually, the game looks great and to be honest considering what the game is I fully expect it to but it really does do itself proud as the art style is perfect for the genre. The music is a great asset to the game too and will have you bobbing your head to the menu songs time and time again. Unfortunately this is the only time you will hear these tunes as they don’t play during the game itself which to me is a shame but I suppose that’s my preference. The sounds while in a match on the other hand do a good job with crowds cheering and the sound while using your boost is just so satisfying its hard not to use it at any given time! All this blends together to make each match feel fast paced.

The game itself, while its a rather simple affair, pits two teams of four against each other in various game modes with the objective being scoring the most goals in the time limit. These can either be single player with CPU controlled opponents or over the internet in matchmaking with players from all over the world. As you play you unlock new cars and modifications for them however these are purely for cosmetic purposes and do nothing to give anyone an unfair advantage. Psyonix have also added community flags like the Angry Army and even the Reddit logo which you don’t see many game developers doing so in my eyes that’s a good thing. The game itself controls great though granted at times the cars do feel a little floaty and in the most simple terms is just fun to play. Don’t get me wrong after a hour of play the game tends to burn you out quickly but for the short periods its an excellent little time waster.

In the end Rocket League is a fantastic example of a simple game being effective. The following that Rocket League has is well deserved and so are the awards the game has won. However, as stated above, if you are looking for a game to play for hours on end Rocket League is not the one but it is excellent for short bursts of play and one I highly recommend.



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