Dying Light: Enhanced Edition – XboxOne- Review


Dying Light, created by Polish video game developer Techland and published by Warner Brothers interactive entertainment, was first released in January 2015. It was a sleeper hit gaining a lot of recognition after its release as one of the best games of 2015. The game follows undercover agent Kyle Crane who is sent to infiltrate a city called Harran in order to retrieve a file containing sensitive information which is now in the hands of Kadir Suleiman. In turn Kadir Suleiman has threatened to release the files contents if anything bad happens to him. Harran has been infected by a virus that has turned the majority of the cities population into the shambling rotting undead. Now if you are getting a feeling of Déjà vu that is because, lets face it, a city filled to the brim with a zombie horde is something of a cliché within the industry and there are plenty of game out there which feature this kind of story.

Fortunately Dying Light does a good job at setting itself apart from other zombie games by introducing many different things such as the day-night cycle which drastically changes how the game plays. In the day zombies typically shamble around and are easily dispatched but when the sun goes down these undead horrors truly come to life with zombies becoming increasingly aggressive and much harder to deal with which is where 90% of the scares I felt came from in the game. Dying Light does offer its own spin on getting around with a Parkour mechanic allowing for quick and fluid movements enabling you to escape from enemies and generally allowing you to get around over rooftops so you stay out of harms way. This is one of my favourite parts of the game and really adds so much to the gameplay. The visuals are great and the city itself looks just as you would expect with the feeling of post apocalyptic themes all around you. This does a good job at immersing you in the world and with the Parkour mechanic it allows you to see some truly amazing views.

One of Dying Lights let downs is the main story which generally has a generic feel to it. It unfortunately feels underdeveloped which is baffling considering the side quests being very enjoyable. When it comes to characters you do not get attached to anyone because they are not fleshed out long enough for you to start caring about them or there plight. This is a bit of a shame and unfortunately a missed opportunity for Dying Light.

The combat is great with the typical weapons you would expect in a zombie game making appearances. Melee combat feels brutal with pipes, bats and machetes to cause all sorts of havoc with. Obviously you will find more and more effective weapons as you level up and progress through the game including various firearms to quickly dispatch enemies with. There is a perk system for various elements of your characters development giving bonuses to combat, survival and crafting. Crafting is one part of the game that Dying Light does very well. By scavenging for parts you can create items to help you survive the harsh streets of Harran. You can use your senses to find crafting items but you will need blueprints in order to create more and more useful items.

The Enhanced edition includes the main game and all the games current DLC which includes The Following DLC which introduces a new massive environment for you to explore and while there is not much for you to climb onto and Parkour with there is the introduction of a vehicle in the form of the buggy which can be modified to make slaughtering zombies easier (and more satisfying) and obviously considering The Following being set on the outskirts of the city makes it easier for you to traverse the expanse.

In the end Dying Light Enhanced Edition is truly the definitive edition of Dying Light and while there is some niggling issues with Dying Lights core experience in its main story and forgettable cast with all the downloadable content along side the main game there is plenty of game for you to get your teethe into just make sure the zombies don’t get there’s into you first.





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