Hitman- XboxOne – Review


There are many games that gamers from around the world will recognise from the clothes a character wears alone but none more so than the black suit and red tie of Agent 47 in the Hitman Series.

Developed by IO – Interactive and published by Square Enix the newest edition to the series, simply called Hitman, is the first Hitman game for the current generation. It will be released in a episodic format and will for the most part take place after the events of Hitman: Absolution.

In this game you take on the role of Agent 47 just like in the other Hitman games. Agent 47 is a genetically engineered clone created for the sole purpose of being a killing machine. However that is not to say that the game will have you holding ‘big guns’ and blasting holes into everything. In fact it is far from it as stealth is your best weapon here.
Agent 47 is known all around the world for being the best at the art of assassination and is contracted by the rich and powerful to take out high value targets.


Visually the game is not the best. Don’t get me wrong, Hitman is not an ugly game but here and there some textures just look bland and not as high quality as the ones surrounding them. This makes them stick out like a sore thumb and it is especially pronounced in the mirrors in the very first level following the training missions where you are in a mansion which has a fashion show going on. In the toilets or in the giant mirrors in the hallways the reflections are what you would expect but the mirrors in the make up studio are really pixilated which is baffling as in one area the mirrors are excellent but in the next room they look awful.

Although the graphics may let Hitman down the gameplay more than makes up for the graphical sins. Each mission you are given gives you the freedom to choose how to approach the target and how to execute the assassination. With all this freedom you really do feel like a master assassin and you are always thinking on your toes – should you poison the target? Maybe make it look like an accident? Or just go in guns blazing? There is so much choice and not to mention the heaps of equipment in Agent 47’s arsenal to get the job done and there are even items you can use scattered around the levels. In typical Hitman style you still can change into outfits to get around areas by either finding them in the mission or by knocking out an NPC and taking their uniform.


Your score at the end of each mission depends on many factors such as if you were spotted or if you were detected. It does give some replay value and to be honest I found myself desperate to get the highest score I possibly could and it really became quite addictive.
There are some issues with the AI getting confused at times and I had some issues on the first training session when my target for a few minutes kept walking in and out of a doorway but for the most part the AI is pretty solid.

In the end Hitman, whilst not the prettiest game in the world, is a great look into the world of assassination and while the game might not be for everyone if you are into games that really make you think or you are just a Hitman fan don’t be afraid to slip on the black suit and red tie.



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