Assassins Creed Chronicle’s: Russia – XboxOne- Review


Finally were down to the last in the chronicles trilogy, Assassins Creed Chronicles: Russia set in 1918 we follow the story of Nikolai Orelov on his final mission for the Assassin order before fleeing the country with his family Nikolai is tasked with recovering a artifact thought to be a piece of eden. When attempting the theft of the artifact Nikolai ends up saving princess Anastasia which, along with the artifact he must protect.

Visually the art style like in the other two games of the trilogy takes on art of the period it’s set in, here its very much like the propaganda posters of the times which is really clever although granted while the game is set in Russia it could use a broader colour pallet as primarily the game is three colours black , white and red .
The music does a decent job at setting the scene of the game but after a while starts to take its toll as the variety of music is short supply here.


Gameplay wise its the same as the previous games Nikolai has a gun a grapple hook a smoke bomb and a whistle in his arsenal but still controls the same way. Unfortunately again the problems of the last two games have made there way into this installment firstly the guards being too distracted while talking to each other to see a deadly Assassin standing behind the person there talking to returns and in the first level has you pickpocketing ammo from a guard while he’s talking to his comrade and honestly I couldn’t help but giggle.
Combat is still pointless as being seen may aswell be a game over as a swift gun shot will end Nikolai’s life in a instant.
You just don’t feel like a highly skilled Assassin who’s ready to take on any situation especially if discovered. Its a real shame as the combat in the main Assassins Creed titles gives players the opportunity to feel like a killing machine.


The story is still displayed in the same style as the previous games which is while in the art of the period it still does not do the story justice and is a real shame as its such a big issue in even the last two games.
It just makes the game feel so disconnected but admittedly I enjoyed the story this time around probably due to the era the games set but none the less I felt this time around the games story was a improvement.

In the end while ACC:Russia suffers from some of the issues that the previous titles did the art style and story have slightly improved dont get me wrong there is still plenty of room for improvement but its defiantly on the right track.



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