Assassins Creed Chronicles : India -XboxOne- Review


Assassins Creed Chronicles: India is the second of the three chronicles games that I am reviewing which focuses on the main protagonist Arbaaz. Whilst ACC: China may have been disappointing, ‘India’ was released 9 months after so there was plenty of time to fix the problems that China faced.

Firstly the game takes place in 1841 while the Sikh Empire is at war with the East India company when Arbaaz spots a mysterious item being carried by a Templar Master. Arbaaz then sets off to recover the item whilst protecting his mentor and his lover Princess Pyara Kaur.


Unfortunately the problems persist in ACC: India and in some cases get worse. The controls while climbing still fight against you and again still insist on dropping you in front of enemies. Granted it is a little better this time around but, unfortunately, it is still an issue. Much like in the previous game, Arbaaz has little to no endurance so again only a couple of hits are enough to end your life which in turn makes combat pointless.


Still the mind boggling not being spotted whilst guards talk to each other mechanic, as mentioned before, lives on. In ACC: India, the story struggles to find its footing once more and again the presentation just does not come across as well as it could. This is a real shame as the games visuals are impressive, a lot like ACC:China, but good visuals do not make a great game.

In the end ACC:India suffers from the same problems that its’ predecessor suffered from which, considering the time between the games, should have been resolved. The story again suffers from poorly executed still images with voice over’s which I hoped would be long gone this time around unfortunately I was left disappointed.



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