Fortfied- XboxOne- Review


Fortified is a third person shooter created by developer clapfoot inc set in the 1950’s martians are invading the planet and the whole world is in a state of panic but the the government have brought together the worlds greatest heroes to battle against the oncoming martians and save the planet from certain doom.

The story is displayed in the style of 1950’s comic books which makes sense considering the games setting when the game starts your greeted by the old fashioned newsreader reading out about the martian invasion in the vocal tones you would expect and it really does a good job of making you feel like a 1950’s superhero and who doesn’t want to feel like that!?


Speaking of the heroes there are four to choose from and range from the stereotypes of the comic book style world the game is based in each play differently than one another they also have a hero power each which are different depending on which you choose. first being the captain who is a military man who excels at leading troops the structures that he can build revolve around troops which he can order around making the captain the ‘go too’ character there is also the rocket scientist who starts off with impressively explosive weaponry who’s hero power allows for unlimited ammo there is the agent who excels at dealing damage and the spaceman who’s traps and bubbles can stop martians in there tracks.


While the games menu screen and HUD stay in the comic book retro style the game itself takes on a 3D modern look the environments still focus on the time period but would have looked so much better cell shaded and is a real missed opportunity. The music and sound effects do there job but to be honest after a few hours of play I turned the music off completely as it started to really grate on me because there just is not enough variety in music and after a few rounds it starts to take its toll.

The gameplay is solid to me the aiming did not feel very sharp but to be fair sharp gun play does not really matter in this scenario as it’s all just defending a spot while spraying bullets and explosives at enemies in rounds while buying defences in between rounds and that’s the problem for me there is not enough substance and really left me feeling quite unsatisfied and at times bored. Multiplayer is nice and sharp and is probably the better way to play Fortified as playing as a group is more fun.

In the end Fortified while a solid third person shooter the game itself just does not have enough to keep players coming back for more yes there is a multiplayer is done well here but unfortunately the modes of Fortified let the game down killing waves of enemies with the occasional boss thrown in is all we geleadingthere just needed more modes to add variety.



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