AIPD- XboxOne- Review


AIPD is a twin stick shooter developed by Blazing Badger studios and while there are plenty of these types of games gracing PC and consoles alike AIPD tries to spice up the genre by trying some new things but does the game do enough to stand out?

Firstly AIPD boasts Tron style graphics, meaning bright fluorescent colours and flashy explosions will assault your senses in all the right ways here which is great but its so similar to other games in the genre it really does not do much to stand out in terms of its graphical style which is not all bad news.

Simple Graphics don’t always mean a bad game, So onto the gameplay like mentioned before AIPD is a twin stick shooter and follows the basic laws of the genre you have a main weapon and different power ups you find by defeating enemies but AIPD gives a nice amount of customisation there are plenty of weapons to choose from and modifications for your ship which allows for players to pick and choose based on there play style and not forced to use the same boring ship like in most games in the genre which was a big thumbs up for me as this problem is personally why I don’t like these type of games but AIPD alleviated this issue for me.

Like most games in the genre the main aim of the game is to survive and rack up huge scores by killing enemies which is fine but AIPD does something to keep the game feeling fresh, now its easy in this genre to increase the difficulty by throwing loads of enemies onto the screen but after each level you complete you are given the choice of a handicap to be placed on you to challenge the player and making each level that little bit more difficult don’t get me wrong the levels certainly progressively get more and more enemies but its nice to see a developer trying to mix it up a little.  Also there is the option of bringing upto four players into the action which makes the game very chaotic which is a lot of fun.

In the end AIPD is a great little indie title and does really try to spice things up and succeeds for the most part but still in a lot of ways is like many other titles in the genre but if your like me and want more customisation in these types of games AIPD is worth picking up don’t get me wrong its not a game to be played for hours on end but is great in short periods solo or with friends.





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