Electronic Superjoy- XboxOne Review


‘Electronic Superjoy is a platformer aimed at adults. As soon as you turn the game on it says that. The first thing to know about the game is that you shouldn’t be purchasing it for a child and due to reasons that I will get into a little later.

Firstly the gameplay is simple enough and is welcoming to new players – run, jump and reach the end of each level in one life while progressing to the next check point. However this does not mean the game is a walk in the park.

The graphics in ‘Electronic Superjoy’ are not only pretty but actually create the bulk of the difficulty. The strobing bright colours aim to distract players making even the simplest platforming hugely difficult.  Precision is key in the game and using the games visuals is a clever way to increase the difficulty.


There is plenty of content to keep you busy in ‘Electronic Superjoy’ from the story modes to DLC. But don’t get your hopes up if you are looking for a deep rewarding story as ‘Electronic Superjoy’ is the complete opposite. For instance, the story mode follows the unknown protagonist who after losing multiple limbs and living to tell the tale now has his butt stolen by a wizard. Your goal is to survive each funky word and reclaim your lost butt. It is not Shakespeare but it will suffice.


As stated above the game really is targeted at adults with its adult humour. Don’t get me wrong there is no graphic material or nudity in the game but each time you die and respawn a loud sexualized moan will permeate through the dance music which really did take me by surprise when first playing and after a while it really gets off-putting.

In the end ‘Electronic Superjoy’ whilst a decent platformer is not for everyone and can be off putting to gamers who get frustrated by this type of game. However even with the high difficulty the game oozes charm and I would recommend it to anyone.



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