Star point Gemini 2-XboxOne- Review


The space sim genre has, over the last few years, had its ups and downs especially on the console market. ‘Starpoint Gemini 2’ aims to break through and show that space sims work on consoles. But does it deliver?

Firstly the presentation is really nice, the graphics are sharp for the most part. There are some dull textures here and there but nothing major. However, considering the games black backdrop of space it does come off a little lazy but the music sets the tone well enough. From a gameplay stand point ‘Starpoint Gemini 2’ is a complicated game to get into and unfortunately my biggest gripe about the whole experience comes from just learning how to play the game.

The tutorial is nothing like you would expect from a game that is this complex and frankly is completely inadequate for teaching players how to play the game. It is all done via a web browser that snaps onto the side of the screen which brings up a manual to read that is completely independent to the game itself. Reading walls of text was not the way I expected my journey through space to begin and this should have been dealt. A simple in-game tutorial would have done a far better job even if it meant leaving you to find out a great deal on your own.


The next hurdle is the controls which have obviously been adapted for use with a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse. This has left doing basic tasks like moving and firing your weapons rather simple to perform but doing more complicated tasks feeling awkward. This is due to simply not having a lot of buttons to work with on a controller.


As far as the actual objective of the game goes it is your typical space sim trade. Make money and use that to advance your arsenal and via the main story objectives or many side quests the game has to offer. This is a shame because besides having a different class to play ‘Star point Gemini’ does little to set itself apart from other space sims. As far as the main story goes you play as Adrian Faulkner who is investigating the death of his father which really just runs parallel to grinding out side quests, however these missions feel more solid than the typical quest.

In the end ‘Starpoint Gemini 2’ while ambitious in bringing a Space Sim to XboxOne and while the visuals and music present the game well, the overall gameplay is obviously optimised for PC and the story is lacking any gripping storyline to keep players interested for long enough.



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