Lovely Planet – XboxOne- Review


Lovely Planet is a FPS developed by Quick Tequila. While many would let out a sigh hearing about another FPS, Lovely Planet aims to break the mould of the stereotype of the Genre.

The first thing that shocked me about Lovely planet was just how random it feels even when turning the game on and being on the main menu the first time you would not expect a first person shooter, far from it, what I was greeted with not only surprised me but delighted me.


If I could sum Lovely Planet up In one word it would be ‘mad.’ Not just from a visual aspect but gameplay too. The levels look like a childs’ paintings with vibrant colours splattered all over the place. Honestly it just feels ‘right’ in this weird kind of way. Not to mention the crazy catchy music that accompanies it.


The aim of the game is really quite simple – kill all enemies and make it to the end of the courses. However you cannot complete the level without first killing all the enemies as entering the pillar of light at the end of the stage early will result in having to start the stage all over again. But, to be honest, this sounds worse than it is. Each stage is extremely short in length lasting only a few minutes which is not so bad. Since the game is so simple levels being any longer than that would just be chore to play.

In the end Lovely Planet is just a little slice of madness and was a joy to play. Don’t get me wrong, it is not the best FPS on the market but it has alot of charm and is worth a play.



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