Cubot – The Complexity of simplicity -XboxOne review


Cubot – The Complexity of simplicity created and published by Nicoplvgames is a puzzle game and very much like the name its a very simple game but does simple mean boring?

The puzzles revolve around coloured cubes ending up on their corresponding square, sounds simple right? Well not really when the game starts throwing different colored cubes that move differently than the normal blue cubes and switches that lower platforms when cubes are on them. One good thing about the game is that at any time you can take a step back as many times as you like just by pressing a button so no hitting restart when you make a mistake. This in my opinion is a great addition.


Visuals are a simple as you can get – a white backdrop and the puzzle board in the center, nothing special here. This is probably the look the developers were going for considering the name of the game. To be honest its all you really need as it really just allows you to focus on the puzzle with nothing distracting you.


The puzzles are simple to begin with but do get more challenging as time goes on which you would expect. They keep you entertained but the game does get a little repetitive. However played in small doses Cubot should be part of any puzzle game fanatics collection.



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