Halo 5:Guardians -Xboxone- Multiplayer review


Now its time to have a look at Halo fives multiplayer component which has changed quite a lot from the past halo titles and with plenty to talk about so let’s get to it.

Like stated above there has been quite a change to the multiplayer this time around the biggest edition to the Halo formula is Warzone a new game mode which pits two teams fighting over the control of three objectives with the goal to either destroy the enemy core or be the first to score 1000 points total.
There is many ways to earn points not just by holding bases and killing enemy Spartans. over the course of the match enemy CPU controlled units of either Prometheans or covenant forces will spawn which when killed will grant a set amount of points to the team that gets the killing blow. Points can range from a measly 25 points to 150 points which can really turn the tide of battle and this is what makes warzone such a great edition to Halo 5 as everyone is playing to win all the way up to the final point because the chance of making a come back is really high.

For those who prefer to stick to what they know there is also the arena game modes which is where you will find the classic Halo game modes from team death match to SWAT, there is not much to say here its classic Halo at its best.
Micro transactions have been added in the form of Requisition packs, now im not a fan of micro transactions and can’t stand games that shoehorn them in just to make a quick buck but Halo fives micro transaction model is the kind I do like players earn requisition points after every match they play which can be spent on bronze,silver or gold packs which grant a random reward with better quality rewards depending on the pack you choose yes its random but its fun when opening these packs because of that. Requisitions can be used in warzone to spawn with weapons from a plasma pistol to a sniper rifle or a vehicle from a mongoose to a scorpion tank but beware once you have chosen these in battle there gone and will require you to get more cards in packs.
There are also permanent unlocks such as armor and helmets which are purely cosmetic or different varieties of load out gear, don’t like the sights on the standard assault rifle? If your lucky you can unlock a long shot assault rifle which has a long range sight on it.

The multiplayer component of Halo 5 is truly a step in the right direction for the franchise and is a good thing to see a long running franchise like Halo evolving with the times and not becoming stagnant.



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