Divinity the Original Sin Enhanced Edition -PS4 – Review


‘Divinity the Original Sin: Enhanced Edition’ is a Single player and multiplayer fantasy RPG developed by ‘Larian Studios’ and published by ‘Maximum Games’ for Xbox One and Playstation 4. It is a re-release of the successful ‘Divinity the Original Sin’ that launched for the PC back in 2014.

The enhanced edition sports all of what made ‘Divinity the original Sin’ so successful and also includes an extended story from the original game with a new ending, local split screen and controller support (which you would expect.)

The games story is set in the fictional land of Rivellon. You play as a ‘Source Hunter,’ a group dedicated to seeking out and eradicating a magic known as ‘Source.’ You have been dispatched to investigate a murder in Cyseal but soon the story unravels to show a danger that could not only put Cyseal in harms way but the whole of Rivellon. These events will set you on a journey that will take you far and wide across the realm and it is a classic way to start a story and while on paper it sounds exactly that but Larian Studios have managed to make the story very interesting and rewarding. Not only that but while the games story has a serious tone, the characters throughout have this somewhat silly side which comes and goes to keep it from being another super serious RPG which we have in abundance in this day and age. What I like about this is that it really makes the characters feel more ‘real’ and it feels like they are trying to make humour of the situation just to keep spirits high.

Gameplay wise is a typical affair for this type of game. It has a very high learning curve. Don’t expect to get through the first few hours without having to reload your game after defeat a lot. Unfortunatly Divinity the Original Sin does not do a great job of explaining how to play the game. There is a tutorial but it is very basic and for a game so complicated like this it is just not enough and you are left to find out alot of information yourself via tons of text. There is some issues with this and to be honest this stems from where the game was originally made to be played – on a PC. There are tons of menus and a lot of dialogue to read and for me, at least, playing on a big TV I still found it hard to see the small text and I did find myself sitting a meter from the screen. It is also a shame that the amount of menus have not been simplified for the console release as it is a real issue for a console port to navigate through them with a controller. It is difficult and frustrating simplified menus should have been implemented in my eyes.

There is a debate system which allows characters to debate which course of action to take in most quests you can undertake throughout the game. This involves a menu with various different lines of text to pick from. If a consensus is not reached between both parties a game of rock paper scissors is then played to determine the winner of the debate which is not only a genius system but, just picturing two warriors playing rock paper scissors to decide the next course of action on a journey to save the world just brings a smile to my face.

Combat for the most part is a typical affair of a turn based combat system with each turn allowing you to move your character and then to choose to either spend action points to attack or cast magic or save them for your next turn. This grants a certain level of tactical gameplay which is not uncommon to this type of RPG. 

In the end ‘Divinity the Original Sin: Enhanced Edition’ is a brilliant example of an RPG ‘done right’ from deep rewarding story elements with a splash of silliness to spice the game up keeping things interesting. With Combat which, unlike many games of this generation, makes you have to think the game is a pure gem. It is not all good however, whilst for the most part the port from PC to console has been kind to the game there just needed some love and care to console players with simplified menus to make playing with a controller a little bit easier.




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