Darksiders 2: Deathinative Edition


‘Darksiders 2: Deathinitive edition’ developed by Gunfire Games and published by Nordic games is a remaster of ‘Darksiders 2’ including all the games downloadable content.

In this game you play as the unlikely character ‘Death,’ one of the four horseman, who has set out on a quest to redeem his brother ‘War’ who has been accused of starting the apocalypse on earth.

Being a remaster the game is exactly the same as it was before however the visuals have been updated considerably. Whilst the visuals are great, there are some odd bland textures here and there but overall, visually, the game looks very wpid-darksiders-2-deathinitive-edition-gets-fresh-comparison-screenshots-485670-2.jpegimpressive.

Game play-wise, ‘Death’ controls great whilst wall running and climbing with the greatest of ease. This allows the game to flow extremely well however I did find myself getting frustrated time and time again when ‘Death’ was unable to climb up objects or walls that he should have been able to with ease. The games combat feels great too. ‘Death’ has his dual
scythes as his main weapon and a secondary weapon which can be chosen such as massive hammers or dual blades. ‘Death’ can use these weapons together to perform deadly combos. The animations for each attack are great and blend well with each other. ‘Death’ also has access to special moves that are unlocked via a skill tree with skill points that he acquires when he levels up.

imageEach level has puzzles to complete which are not really complicated but I found quite boring as they were not very straight forward. Overall, the length of the game is nothing to scoff at and will take well over 20 hours to complete just for the main story not to mention the DLC.There are some issues however where on a few occasions the games’ frames-per-second dipped quite considerably and even on a couple of
occasions the game crashed completely.

Overall, ‘Darksiders 2: Deathinitive edition’ is a great remaster and whilst there are a few issues with some bland textures and performance, the game is still a great buy and I for one would recommend it to anyone who never got a chance to play ‘Darksiders 2.’ .



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