Dragon Quest: Heroes – PS4 – Review

Omega Force, the developers who created the ‘Dynasty Warriors’ series, have now taken on the ‘Dragon Quest’ brand with the result of this being the creation of ‘Dragon Quest Heroes.’  By doing this, Omega Force have created something a kin to their recent title ‘Hyrule Warriors’ by taking the ‘Dragon Quest’ series and turning it from a JRPG to Musou style hack and slash.

In ‘Dragon Quest Heroes’ you take control of a party of various characters starting out with Luceus and Aurora. You are given the choice of either one of these characters at the start of the game to be your avatar. You can even change the names of both of these characters however this is not the case for any of the other characters that you meet in the game.

There is a large selection of characters to choose from to play as who you will come across as you venture through the game, with each of these having their own unique move sets and special attacks. An example of this is Luceus having fire element special attacks and Aurora having Ice element. This helps to give each character a more unique feel in combat.

Each character has access to a Tension meter which fills as they strike enemies. When the gauge is full you can enter “Super High Tension” mode which makes them glow a pink hue, grants invincibility access to a double jump and a change to their attack. Also when the circle button is pressed, the character uses their ultimate move which kills enemies all around them. This in turn then depletes the meter and returns the character back to his or her previous state. This again adds an element to the combat which, while this was an overall positive addition, I feel that players should not have been given the option to charge the gauge outside of combat.

Each level falls into two categories, either kill all the monsters on the field of battle or protect a specific object or character whilst killing all the monsters on the field of battle. Whilst there are boss battles, which add some spice to the levels, these are so few and far between. I personally believe that this is a shame and that there is not much variety to the levels. In the game there is also the monster medal system, which whilst killing monsters they will somtimes drop coins. These in turn will allow you to summon that monster into the battle to fight for you either to use a special one time use move to attack enemies or to heal/buff the party or are actually summoned to fight in combat to protect the immediate area they are summoned in.

Story wise ‘Dragon Quest’ is as basic as you can get. Monsters are suddenly attacking the kingdom after being at peace and now a group of heroes are tasked with finding out why this has happened and they are expected to bring back peace to the kingdom. Fortunately for the games story, it is saved by the ‘Dragon Quest’ style with characters who just never seem to get bogged down by the situation unfolding around them. This is a good change of pace from the usual serious toned RPGs. Characters are interesting with each having their own distinct personality, adding their own take on the events unfolding around them.

Whilst personally I am not a great fan of Musou style games like the ‘Dynasty Warrior’ franchise, I was pleasantly suprised. However if the game was not set in the world of ‘Dragon Quest’ I do not think I would have found the game as enjoyable as I did. 




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