Life Is Strange Episode 4 – Review

This is it, as of this review we are up to date with the ‘Life Is Strange’ series. But how does Episode 4 stack up compared to the previous entries? Does this episode finally let loose or does it still suffer from the flaws of the previous entries?

‘Life is Strange’ episode 3 left us on a massive cliff hanger but I will not be posting any spoilers about it. Episode 4 however is an odd episode in my opinion. Whilst the previous three episodes were pretty consistent with story content to keep you moving along at a pretty decent pace, Episode 4 plods on at a very slow speed. To be honest, I felt quite bored half way through the episode as it constantly rehashes elements from the previous episodes but with poorer execution this time around. This, in my opinion, was really disappointing for me.

The voice acting is much better this time around with the characters delivering more believable performances. There are still the occasional cringe-worthy moments but it is much less frequent this time around. However, whilst I was playing this episode I could not help but feel that some, if not all, of the choices I was making were so unusual for Max to make. I felt like there was a complete change to Max as a character this time around. To be honest, it would have been a lot less shocking if it was done gradually throughout the episodes but the change from episode three to four was too much.

Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed by this episode. The darker tone of the episode was great but the execution here was a real step back for ‘Life Is Strange’ which is a shame. However, the episode is not all bad as Max and co delve deep into a school drug problem and there is more on the investigation into the missing girl Rachel Amber.

In the end ‘Dark Room’ does get many things wrong and few things right and whilst I was disappointed this time around, I am still extremely excited to see what will happen in Episode 5 of the ‘Life I Strange’ series.



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