Hyper Void PS4 – Review

‘Hyper Void’ is a third person space shooter developed by Iniframez and available on the Playstation store. There have been plenty of games created within this genre over the last few years for multiple platforms but does ‘Hyper Void’ do enough to stand out from the rest?

Presentation-wise ‘Hyper Void’ is well done with a decent musical score that helps the levels to have a fast paced ‘shoot em’ up’ vibe. The game is also good to look at. However, whilst playing the game I could not help to feel that these ‘vibrant fluorescent visuals’ are popping up in most games within this genre, but still the backgrounds are nice and help keep the game feeling fresh from level to level.

Game play is simple to pick up with no tutorial – you just get a quick look at a diagram of a controller and off you go. This, however, was more than enough and after a few minutes you will be blasting through wave after wave of enemies. ‘Hyper Void’ stands out in a couple of aspects with the first being that instead of having the usual starting weapon and grabbing power ups for new ones, ‘Hyper Void’ lets you start off with three weapons and uses a power meter stopping continuous firing which is common in these shooters.

Secondly, ‘Hyper Void’ attaches a story to its’ campaign mode. In my opinion, it is a rather weak story but it is nice to see that the developers made an effort to add a story to it.

There are 30 levels in the campaign mode for you to blast your way through, each populated with various enemies and obstacles to keep you entertained. Unfortunately that is all there is to offer in terms of content with no leaderboard, multiplayer option or extra modes. I feel that this is a shame and a missed opportunity.

My main problem with ‘Hyper Void’ is the camera. I personally felt like I was fighting against it, especially in the tunnel levels, which frustrated me so much. This is because I was being hit by objects, not because of my own fault, but just by the cameras’ angle being so awkward.

‘Hyper Void’ is a decent game to pick up off the Playstation store to keep you busy for a few hours even if the game is very limited in terms of content past the campaign mode. With decent visuals, music and easy to pick up controls this is a game for everyone. But be aware of the awkward camera angles as these can lead to very frustrating, cheap deaths.



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