Life Is Strange Episode 3 – Review


Our third review for the Life is Strange Series Episode three ‘Chaos Theory’ picks up in the wake of episode two. Episode three has a lot to offer this time around and while at first I went into the game thinking that it was going to be riddled with the issues that had haunted the previous two episodes, I was pleasantly surprised.

As stated above, I expected to be greeted by the troubled writing and voice acting of the last two installments but finally ‘Life is Strange’ comes out of its shell and in a big way. This installment has well thought out dialogue and scenes that are not only well scripted, but advance the plot in a meaningful way, unlike in the previous episodes where I found myself wading through filler content.

The dialogue feels more natural this time around instead of forced and keeps a good balance between the grounded and the cheesy teen speak that I had come to expect (and get tired of) from the earlier episodes. To be honest, this factor made my time with ‘Chaos Theory’ far more enjoyable than the previous entries in the series.

However I did feel that, at times, this episode dragged out a little and I do feel now that the option to rewind time to re-think your choice has become a little stale. This is due to the fact that in the previous two installments I felt like I needed to think about my choices but in ‘Chaos Theory’ I did not give any thought to them at all. In my opinion this made me feel that ‘Chaos Theory’ was unimportant at times.

The gameplay does pick up a little in this episode with Max getting to grips with her powers, giving the opportunity for a more complex gameplay. The game itself, however, does feel like more of the same just with added extras but to be honest this is an episodic title after all.

in the end ‘Chaos Theory’ improves on the dialogue and overall voice acting and whilst adding some gameplay elements it is still just more of the same and at this point I felt like I was just pushing through the gameplay for more of the story.



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