Life if Strange PS4 Episode 2 – Review


Our review for the second installment of the ‘Life is Strange’ saga ‘Out of Time’ is here and whilst going through every decision would mean this review would be pages and pages long we will give you the general gist. ‘Out of Time’ follows Maxine trying to prove to Chloe, by completing various tests set by her, that she does have the ability to turn back time. However this proves to be harder than first thought as Maxine finds that her new-found powers take a toll on her, causing her nose to start to bleed whilst trying to prove her time travel ability. This then happens again later on in the game leading to her collapsing and having a vision about the lighthouse and the tornadoimage


The main bulk of the episode is about a video of Kate Marsh, a devout Catholic, who has no memory of the humiliating events of a party at the Vortex club leaked onto the internet in the form of a viral video. Without giving away a big event, later on in the episode Maxine realises that she can freeze time whilst still being able to move,

Like in the previous episode every decision you make is meaningful and you still have the opportunity to rewind time to re-choose. However, the choices made in the previous episode do make a difference. Whilst I thought I was happy with some of the choices I made in episode one, now I am in episode two I found myself regretting some of them which made me really think through each decision I made this time around.

Unfortunately, as I stated in my episode one review, the voice acting is still plagued by awkward dialogue and voice acting although at times there are glimpses of more convincing voice acting and dialogue. However, as quickly as it came it was gone which is a shame. But with more episodes to come there is still plenty of time to rectify these issues.

The second part of the story, whilst more gripping and interesting this time around, is still plagued with the problems the first episode had. Whilst these problems remain it was great to see just how my choices in the previous episode now I cannot undo them have affected the story so far.



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