Life is Strange Episode 1 PS4 -Review

‘Life is Strange’ is an episodic game series created by Dontod Entertainment and published by Square-Enix. The series revolves around a photography student named Maxine Caulfield and it is told in bite sized episodes – the first being ‘Chrysalis.’

‘Chrysalis’ revolves around setting the overall basis for the story. The story begins with Maxine in the middle of a storm. On a hill far in the distance she sees a lighthouse and after making her way to it a boat is thrown into the lighthouse destroying it in the process. Maxine then awakens in Art class and brushes the vision off as dream. After class she makes a trip to the toilet to regain her composure where she then witnesses a blue haired girl being shot by another character named Nathan Prescott. After reaching out to stop him she finds herself flung back in time to class. After Maxine realises she can rewind time at will she attempts to stop the death of the blue haired girl by setting off the fire alarm, which she succeeds in doing.The blue haired girl is revealed to be a girl by the name of Chloe Price – Maxine’s former best friend.

What then follows are various events leading to Maxine and Chloe going to the hill that the lighthouse is on. Maxine then slips into a second vision where after she follows the pathway up the hill of the lighthouse she finds a newspaper with a date on it…the date that the tornado will hit Arcadia Bay. After the vision ends, Maxine tells Chloe about her strange visions and her gift to rewind time. The episode then ends with both girls deciding what they need to do next.

‘Life is Strange,’ like many games these days, gives the player choices to make which affects the stories outcome, Every choice has a consequence and whilst most games do not allow you to change the choice you made, ‘Life is Strange’ allows you to rewind time to a point where you can change your choice if the outcome did not suit you,

The game itself looks great and whilst it may not be the prettiest game to grace the Playstation 4, gamers must keep in mind that this game is a multi format title on the previous generation. The biggest issue that I found in the games presentation was not in the visuals, but in the voice acting, At times, in my opinion, the voice acting is embarrassing with awkward writing and even poorer delivery from the voice actors.

Overall the first installment of ‘Life is Strange’ is a good start and whilst the voice acting and writing have let the game down in this chapter. However I cant wait to play the next chapter so check back next week for the next review of the ‘Life is Strange’ Saga.



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