Senran Kagura 2 : Deep Crimson 3DS – Review


The game industry has always used sex appeal to sell games and Senran Kagura 2  is no exception here but does the gameplay hold it together?

There is no mistaking that this game is heavy on over sexualised characters with every girl sporting a ridiculously large chest size. We all know that sex sells but Senran Kagura 2 appears to take this a little far with ridiculous emphasis on the breast physics and clothes disappearing as their health decreases.  In my eyes this is shameless and takes away from the game and I couldn’t help but cringe at some of the dialogue and scenes throughout.


On another note, the storyline is presented mostly via text and some full motion video which is very good but, to be honest, the story is for the most part uninteresting and what seriousness there was is overshadowed by its massive sexual themes.


The gameplay is a hack and slash beat em up which is simple enough to play. You play as different girls throughout the game each with their own weapons and fighting style as you battle through wave after wave of unfortunately uninspired and repetitive levels. After fighting your way through each stage you are challenged by one of the rival groups in a one on one fight which took me by surprise as the difficulty skyrockets. Unfortunately the AI can be exploited rather easily as I found out very quickly which is a real shame as the one on one fights really show a promising fighting game.


In the end Senran Kagura 2 is an average hack and slash beat em up that shows signs of a good 3D fighter in the one on one fighting. But between boring uninspired backgrounds, enemies and at times laughable AI it is pretty clear that the majority of the games` overall development was spent on over-sexualising it instead of focusing on better gameplay.



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