Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster PS4 -Review


Square Enix earlier this year decided to Remaster the classic tenth installment in the Final Fantasy series and also its sequel, but does the Remaster do the original justice?

Firstly, the game itself has not been changed in any way besides a few additions from the international versions. This is a Remaster not a remake and is the classic Final Fantasy X/X-2 experience in gameplay standards you would expect. However this does not mean the changes made do not impact the way the game feels.

Stories for both titles remain as you would expect them to be and have not changed from when the games first launched.

In Final Fantasy 10 you play as Tidus – a young blitz ball player from the city of Zanarkand who is transported to the world of Spira after his city is destroyed by a creature called Sin.
After these events Tidus becomes the guardian of a summoner called Yuna who has set out on a pilgrimage to defeat Sin and bring peace back to the land once again.
Final Fantasy X uses a turn based active time battle system you don’t move your characters around when in battle you choose the action of your party members in the classic Final Fantasy system and should be kept in mind for players who have only played the later installments.


Final Fantasy 10-2 is set in the events after Final Fantasy X. You play as Yuna and her companions as they venture through a Spira without Sin. Yuna is now a treasure hunter traveling across Spira finding Dress Spheres which allow her and her companions the ability to change their jobs in battle, granting them access to various abilities as Yuna collects these Spheres she finds various clues on the whereabouts of Tidus.


The Final Fantasy series has always held its head high in music standards. From the classic 8-bit tunes to the huge orchestral scores, the series has created music that fits each scene perfectly.
In my opinion the biggest and most noticeable change is in the musical score the Remaster allows you to swap out the old style music for the orchestrated remastered music on the PS4 version. This is great at first however I personally felt that the remastered music, while retaining the same tune, just did not have the same feel to it. Having played both games on their respected initial releases, I found myself keeping the old tunes on for the nostalgia purposes and to me they still hold up to this day but this is my own personal preference.

The visuals have been updated considerably thus successfully bringing both titles into the current generation. I was honestly going into the games thinking that it would, like in many cases with remasters, ruin the look and feel of the game but to my delight both of the games look great and made venturing through Spira a pure joy once again.
The character models look brilliant retaining what the characters looked like In the original games with the additions to them having been made with great care not to make the characters look too different, thus allowing them to not look out of place in the updated landscape.


In the end the Remaster, in my opinion, is a must own and was a pure pleasure to play. I would recommend players who never got the chance to play these classics when they were first released to pick up this remaster and I would also recommend this to those who have journeyed through Spira before. This is a Remaster done right and I for one applaud Square Enix for doing a fine job.



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