SteamWorld Dig – 3DS – Review

The 3DS E-Shop has a whole host of games ranging from racers to Rpg’s, AAA to indie and at times some real gems can be found that have been overlooked but is SteamWorld Dig one of these gems?

character_rustyCreated by the developers over at Image & Form SteamWorld Dig has a Spaghetti western mixed with Steam punk art style which is an interesting choice but it pays off quite well here the overall background and character models are well made and are very nice on the eyes.

The story starts with Rusty the steam bot who is the hero of the game and who you play as making his way into the town of Tumbleton where his uncles mine which Rusty has inherited resides after a short time of the game introducing itself to you your underground and digging. The story itself is not a deep rewarding twisting tale and to be honest is a let down but while its kept to a minimum it ties the game together fairly well.

Once underground you will find various different resources that you can dig out of the rock which then can 6_drill_cavebe taking to the surface and used to level up and sold for money, the money can then be used to purchase various items from the shop which helps in progression through the different mines but there is also plenty of upgrades that can only be found inside the mines. This keeps the game feeling fresh and is always a great feeling when finding the next toy to play with.

One issue I did find while inside the mines however is that once you have made any changes to the mines by digging, the blocks do not come back and is a permanent change which while I can see why this is the way it is but it leads to unreachable places and frustration it also can mean not being able to wall jump back up to the surface which means a self destruct is unavoidable so take care while exploring the mines.

In the end SteamWorld Dig is a good game while it does have some issues and the story is very minimalistic is a game I would recommend to anyone who owns a 3DS and I for one look forward to a sequel.



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