Ninja Battle Heroes 3DS – Review


‘Ninja Battle Heroes’ is a new title from a long list of games created by Tom Create but is the game a E-shop gem? Or is it a title gamers should miss?

Firstly ‘Ninja Battle Heroes’ does very well in the visual department and from the name you would first expect the game to feature the typical human ninjas we have all come to expect. But instead we get anthropomorphic heroes the main protagonist being Saizo who is a member of the Beast Brigade and is who you play as.

The whole game has a kid friendly art design about it with each character adopting a chibi style which gives all the characters a cute and cuddly appearance this art style is reflected in all aspects of the games overall design giving the game a bit of a anime touch.

Game play is very solid and is actually given a bit of depth with enemies not only attacking from the foreground but the background aswell which SaIzo imageCan dispatch either with his trusty katana or with throwing stars to attack from distance. Saizo also has skills he can use that you have to expend spirit to use which is collected firstly from fallen enemies by holding down on the D pad Saizo can draw this to himself and then is available to use on skills.
Skills range from offensive to defensive and act alot like a magic system giving the player more variety in ways to dispatch the enemies of each level. At the end of each stage there is bonus obobjectives that can reward you with new skills or spirit which is nice and adds a bit of replay value to the games already overall robust experience.

The story is unfortunately the weakest part of the game and is played safe. The story is Saizo’s team mates have gone missing and Saizo has to set out to find them all before stumbling on the main plot of the story which is a pretty basic story that has been seen countless times before which is a shame.

In the end ‘Ninja Battle Heroes’ while its generic name may be misleading is a true gem on the E-shop and while its story is pretty basic the overall game is solid and with plenty of stages and optional objectives will keep any aspiring ninjas busy for quite some time.



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