The Unfinished Swan – PS4 Review

Are Video Games art? A question which has haunted video games since their creation. ‘The Unfinished Swan’ aims to answer this question once and for all. Throughout the game you play as a young boy named Monroe who has recently become orphaned following the death of his mother. His mother leaves Monroe a painting of a swan that has yet to be completed. What follows is the swan coming to life and walking into the painting leaving Monroe to curiously follow after it. After that you are left with nothing but a plain white world with just a simple dot in the middle of the screen. This left me disoriented and I reset my console believing that the game had crashed before realizing that I could shoot blobs of ink to give the world substance. This is where you begin to fall in love with this game. Its’ design is like nothing I have experienced in video games before. Slowly, you begin to create the world around you, from trees to water, just by shooting ink into the different areas of the world. Whilst moving forward in the game you catch glimpses of the swan in question as well as uncovering a beautiful world. The game itself is breathtaking from the first level to the last and it makes you really feel like you are actually inside a painting. Whilst the game itself has many great aspects to it, one slight downfall is the length. It is a very short game and each level never feels too long. However, there are just not enough levels which left me with a feeling of disappointment once the game ended. Overall the game is a joy to play and a welcome change of pace from the usual genres.. In the end ‘The Unfinished Swan,’ whilst a very short game, is a perfect example of video games pushing the boundaries of being entertainment to being art. ‘The Unfinished Swan’ is a true masterpiece. 8/10


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