Lord Of Magna: Maiden Heaven 3DS – Review

‘Lord of Magna’ is a JRPG created by Marvelous Entertainment and released in June after it had been picked up from a developer called ‘Neverland’ that unfortunately went under.

The visuals of ‘Lord of Magna’ are a joy to look at – from the 3D models to the animation itself. It is a perfect blend of both ends of the spectrum of art and graphic design. The soundtrack to ‘Lord of Magna’ is also superb with the right tempo of music for each situation that the story throws at you.

Although ‘Lords of Magna’ has a charming look to it, the detail here is also quite high with each character having their own distinct abilities and each character feeling different. This extends to the actual way each character fights – some are close-range combatants and some long range, whilst others playing the support role. Combat is a turn-based strategy where you control a character, move them and then attack. Although this is as basic as you can get, each time you attack if you position your character correctly you have the ability to kill multiple enemies in one go just by knocking them into each other. This in itself is a very addictive process.

Outside of combat the story is actually a well written narrative with excellent character development for a JRPG. Be aware though, ‘Lord of Magna’ is extremely text heavy and this may deter some people from wanting to play the game especially as it does take a while for you to actually have the chance to physically do something from the beginning.

Whilst ‘Lord Of Magna’ has the typical sins of over-sexualised female protagonists and some rather cheesy lines I found this game a delight to play from start to finish and I highly recommend this game to any 3DS owner.



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