Word Search by POWGI 3DS – Review

There is no real explanation of what this game is all about – the hint is in the title, but how does a classic paper back game translate to a handheld gaming platform?

First of all, ‘Word Search by POWGI’ was released on the Wii U console at the same time as the 3DS console and is also an E-shop exclusive. Whilst it is everything that you would expect from a puzzle game, unfortunately the game feels like it is missing something. It has bland, colourless backgrounds and repetitive music that begins to get old quite quickly. I believe that this game could have had more potential by allowing it to be more appealing to the eyes. Maybe the creators could have chosen to use themed backgrounds to go with each of the categories or even the simple option of changing the colour of your ink. With 300 word seaches to solve you will have plenty to do here but there is no option to download more packs and once again this feels like a missed opportunity.

In the end the game is what it is and there isn’t an awful lot that we can say about it. It is a game that attempts to bring the classic paper back puzzle to the console market but unfortunately it falls short on plenty of core elements of basic game design. ‘Word Search by POWGI’ is a great little time waster and if you are a hard core fan of the paperback classic we would recommend this game to you, however the game can become relatively boring if played for long periods of time so don’t expect too much from it.



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