Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas! PC – Review

‘Oceanhorn’ is very much a ‘Zelda’ clone and borrows heavily from those games. Even at a glance you can tell where most of the ideas behind ‘Oceanhorn’ have come from  but it does offer some original ideas such as its’ isometric view-point, but is this enough to let the game stand out on its own?

‘Oceonhorn’ has an extremely nice look to it and the accompanying music is even better. The music is pleasant to listen to with melodies that will keep you immersed in the game whilst you are progressing through the story.The storyline itself goes from a lot of exposition to little to go on from the start. This is very much in the sense of ‘gameplay over story’ like many classic adventure games.

However, that is not to say that the storyline is bad. It keeps you going through out the game but it could use a little more explaining. Unfortunately, the characters themselves do not do much in terms of interacting with you for you to really care about them or the stories that they have to offer and this could have made a huge improvement within the game.

Combat will be very familiar to adventure game fans with the basic weapons being your trusty sword and shield to block and attack with at the start while obtaining other weapons and items as the game progresses. Also, whilst not in combat or exploring you are solving puzzles. Again ‘Oceanhorn’ plays it safe with most puzzles being the block and switch style we have all come to expect from these types of games. At times you do use magic and items you find to solve the puzzles but for the most part it sticks to the classic puzzle style.

There is plenty to explore here with the boat system allowing you to travel from island to island to explore every inch of them and with plenty of secrets to find there always feels like you’re getting something new. This allows the pace of the game to keep moving and does not leave you feeling bored and deflated.

‘Oceanhorn’ is a great little adventure game and offers plenty to do whilst looking and sounding very impressive. At the same time there are some issues but the game is solid and I would recommend this game to any type of player.



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