Dungeon Souls PC (Early Access) – Review

Ever had that feeling of accomplishment that you get from finishing a game that is really hard? ‘Dungeon Souls’ offers that feeling in abundance but just be sure to take out some life insurance before you play…

‘Dungeon Souls’ (not to be confused with the From Software series of Souls games) is a 2D hack and slash rogue-like dungeon crawler created by Mike Studios and published by Black shell media. It is currently in early access on Steam which draws heavy inspiration from hits such as ‘Nuclear Throne,’ ‘Risk of Rain,’ and ‘Overture.’

The game itself is very interesting with each dungeons’ tile set being generated at random each time you start a new game. This keeps the game feeling fresh and very rarely will you find yourself thinking you have been in this dungeon before. This offers a massive amount of replayability giving you plenty of hours of enjoyment – that is if you enjoy this kind of game of course. Now one thing that ‘Dungeon Souls’ does have in common with From Softwares’ Souls series is that the gameplay is very hard and you should expect to die quite a lot. Unlike most games, death here is permanent and once you have died you have to start over again. Granted, this can become very frustrating however it does offer that sense of accomplishment when you finally manage to beat a stage.

Combat is great with six different classes to play as of this review, but with the promise of more on the way each class has its own unique abilities and stats with close ranged combat classes to ranged classes with bows and magic. There is a class for everyone and I for one found playing as all the classes enjoyable for the most part.

There is little to no story to go on unfortunately and nothing in terms of a tutorial which left my first hour of gameplay a very frustrating affair. Nevertheless, the game is strong for what it is and with it still being in early access there is plenty of time for the devs to add these into the game. The only other problem the game suffers with is its’ enemy variety. This is very limited apart from bosses you will find yourself seeing and fighting the same enemies a lot, maybe with a different sprite colour but that is as far as it goes. This is a shame but once again this may be changed in the future.

At the moment ‘Dungeon Souls’ is a satisfying game with some problems but in this stage of its development it is very impressive. Hopefully these few problems will eventually be ironed as the developers seem to listen to the ideas that their fans may have and we look forward to seeing and playing the completed product in the future.



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