Super Exploding Zoo: PS4 Review


Ever had that itch that only a puzzle game with exploding zoo animals can scratch? Well ‘Super Exploding Zoo’ is just what you are looking for, but behind all the cute animals and crazy gameplay is the game worth playing?

Firstly, the visuals here are very nice with the game taking on a cartoon appearance. The animals are shown as extremely cute but best of all the visuals compliment the crazy premise of the game very well.

The aim of the game is to protect the eggs in each stage from the aliens that have invaded the zoo by using the exploding inhabitants to blow them up. But that is not to say that is all there is to it. There are various animal types to use in strategic ways to protect the egg – from Dodos to Lions each with different skills to use. Also whilst protecting the egg is the main objective, collecting as many animals as possible is also a thing to consider since any animals you have collected that survive blowing up the aliens can be used to hatch more animal types for use.

Unfortunately although the game can become pretty addictive it does not get very challenging. I believe that this is because ‘Super Exploding Zoo’ is aimed mainly at the younger generation, however it could also be due to the game being ultimately too easy which can lead to burning out extremely quickly.

Outside of the puzzle stages there is a hub area where various secrets can be found. In this you can see the animals just taking it easy in the various areas in the hub world and I found this was a nice addition to the game.

In the end ‘Super Exploding Zoo’ can be summed up in one word – fun and whilst ‘Super Exploding Zoo’  is not at all challenging for the older player, this game would make a great addition to every child’s game catalogue.



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