Gunman Clive 3DS – Review

The sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Gunman Clive’ arrived on January 29 2015, but does it live up to the original?

Firstly all the visuals you come to expect from Gunman Clive have returned here with its’ classic sepia tones and with a fairly decent soundtrack. What Gunman Clive 2 does change however is adding colour to the palate which we did not see in the previous game. This gives the game a lot more life. The soundtrack is also a joy to listen to with each piece of music suiting every level.

The animations are excellent with not only your own character movements being smooth, but everything on-screen looking well polished. The animations of Clive and the other characters are fantastic and therefore this allows each of the characters to look great in action.

The gameplay, much like the original Gunman Clive, is comparable to the classic Megaman style shooter with precision shooting and platforming to advance to the end of each stage. After a few stages players are greeted with a boss to fight and each boss is interesting in their own way. Admittedly some of the bosses are better than the others but they do help to break up the levels.

The game revolves more around solid gameplay instead of holding a storyline. You  have the option to play as one of three characters, however the gameplay does not change. Clive and co chase the Bandit Leader through various stages from the old west, facing off against bandits, to feudal Japan with ninjas and dinosaurs making an appearance.

‘Gunman Clive 2’ does what most game sequels fail to do – it keeps the ideas that made the original game so enjoyable but it also adds new ideas to the mix. ‘Gunman Clive 2’ is a fantastic game and was a joy to play from start to finish. Whilst the game has little to no storyline and whilst the gameplay is short, I would definitely recommend ‘Gunman Clive 2’ to any gamer who owns a 3DS system.



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