Crimsonland- Review

‘Crimsonland’ is a top-down shooter from 10ton Studios which promises endless hordes of monsters to kill and plenty of weapons to get the job done, but how does the game itself perform? Firstly the visuals are slightly below average, even for a game of this genre, but to be honest this does not matter too much as the gameplay more than makes up for it. What is nice is the detail put into the game with the blood and bodies of your fallen enemy staying on the battlefield, making the chaos that more satisfying. The overall gameplay is strong with responsive controls and whilst it is repetitive after a while it is strangely addictive. Once it has you it never let’s go and I found myself putting in hour after hour into playing the game. ‘Crimsonland’  has a lot of weapons to slay monsters with, from pistols to rocket launchers, which makes unlocking each one addictive in its own right. Unfortunately a lot of these weapons are just useless and find themselves being thrown to the wind as quickly as you have obtained them. Not only are there plenty of guns to use, there are other various items dropped from enemies. They are not just offensive but defensive items such as shields and health packs. That is not to say there isn’t the odd nuke lying around to decimate the endless horde. ‘Crimsonland’ has two different modes – Quest mode which takes you through various levels that allow you to unlock a new gun or perk which acts as the games arcade mode and Survival mode. Survival mode involves you going up against endless waves of enemies and the main objectives are to kill as many as possible before death to obtain a high score. Overall ‘Crimsonland’ is a pleasant game but I feel it is lacking in the content department. I also feel it has a balance issue with weapons but the game is still extremely fun. With its addictive gameplay make sure you clear your schedule for a couple of days when you get it.



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