Skater Cat 3DS – Review

A great deal of side scrolling platformer games that have been brought to the 3DS since the consoles’ release. Teyon’s ‘Skater Cat’ falls into this category but how does it stack up against its peer’s?.

Firstly the visuals are interesting, with a unique art style that is very reminiscent of ‘Super Paper Mario,’ with both 2D and 3D models being blended together to make Skater Cat very good on the eyes.

The in-game music is very catchy and right from the beginning I found myself pleasantly bobbing my head in delight to it, however there is only one piece of music that is used in every single level and after a while I did find myself turning the volume down completely during gameplay. Personally, I feel that there should have been more music to set the levels apart from each other and to avoid players from getting annoyed by it.

Skater Cat’ is very similar to a lot of these types of games with the goal of getting to the end of each stage as fast as possible. Doing so rewards you with medals which are then used to unlock the next set of stages after a certain amount of medals are obtained. ‘Skater Cat,’ however, does try to mix this up with the addition of the cats found littered across the level. Touching these cats makes them follow you which makes Skater Cat move faster. Now these cats wont hang around unless you have treats to give to them, yes that’s right in typical cat fashion you have to bribe them with fish to stick around, which are found across the level. Picking up fish fills the bar on the touch screen which slowly depletes when you have cats following you so grabbing fish is imperative in order for you to go fast.

Unfortunately ‘Skater Cat’ suffers from one fatal flaw. The camera is too close to see what is coming next leading to hitting obstacles and far too many times I found myself making leaps of faith not knowing what was waiting for me when I landed after jumping. Considering the main objective of the game is getting to the end with the best time and hitting obstacles adds time on, this camera problem found me pulling my hair out. The camera being so close leaves you with no time to react to any hazard in your path.

In the end ‘Skater Cat’ is a decent game and is most enjoyable in short bursts. Whilst bringing the twist of the cats found in the level to speed you up, the camera problem ultimately lets the game down. If this problem was addressed the game would be much more enjoyable.



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