Kingdom Wars 2: Battles – Review (Early Access)

‘Kingdom Wars 2 :Battles ‘takes on a new perspective on the RTS genre ,combining a strong episodic based single player and an online multiplayer with MMO elements. The game is in early access which does mean the game is not as polished as it could be with a host of bugs which is expected. However, this should not deter people from giving the game a fair chance.

The game is well presented with decent visuals and unit animations  and the overall environments are well created. One thing I personally enjoyed from a visual aspect was the corpses of the fallen that stay on the battlefield giving each battle an authentic feel. The visuals could be better but again the game is in early access and should hopefully get better with time.

Your are given the choice of three different races for your character – Humans, Elves and Orcs. Each of these differ from each other in their own distinct ways which helps to keep the game feeling fresh whichever race you decide to play as. There is still the typical RTS themes that we have come to expect from these kind of games which are gather resources, research better equipment and buildings and then crush your enemies with hundreds of units that you command.

Siege battles stood out and really had me taken by surprise. You are given the chance to utilise all the different wall defences to protect your town and all the offensive tools you would expect from any battle from the kind of time period the game is set in, with battering rams and even siege towers to scale your opponent’s walls with. This is a step in the right direction for the genre giving AAA titles like the ‘Total war’ series reason to take notice of ‘Kingdom Wars’ and maybe even implement some of its’ ideas.

The online side of the game is very well done with an interesting take on the genre. I did encounter some connection issues but nothing that caused overall concern. That is not to say that there are not any problems and like I have already touched on bugs and glitches do occur regularly from graphical errors to units acting erratically, which again will probably be ironed out by the time the game is out of early access.

‘Kingdom Wars 2’ is overall a great RTS and brings new mechanics to the table which improves on parts of the genre that the AAA titles get wrong over and over again. It is great to see a title that is still in early access really going for it. Reverie World Studios have done a good job here but still they have a lot of work to do to fix the problems the game still has. I for one look forward to the completely finished product.



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