Colour Guardians PS4 – Review

Fair Play Labs’ first game for the PS4 follows in the footsteps of many of their previous titles by being family friendly, but how good is the game overall?

‘Colour Guardians’ is primarily a platformer. The PS4 currently lacks this genre so it is great to see a developer taking advantage of a hole in the market. However, ‘Colour Guardians’ is not a traditional platformer – colour guardians is an on rails platformer where your character runs by itself and all you have to do is press up and down to change the lane that it runs in. You are required to collect orbs and change your characters’ colour to advance further through the game. As simple as the game sounds though ‘Colour Guardians’ is brutally hard at times. It challenges your reflexes and your memory which will leave even the most hard-core of gamers screaming at their TV in frustration. Unfortunately, it feels to me that at certain times you have no choice but to fail the level in order to know what is coming next. Also, with all the vibrant colours you can find yourself lost in the landscape which can lead to some cheap deaths. On the subject of the display, the graphics in ‘Colour Guardians’ are very nice and give the game a cartoon art style consisting of bright colours and smooth animations. Even when there is a lot happening in the game, the FPS never dips to a point where you will notice it.

Character wise you are able to switch guardians but nothing really changes apart from the way that they look. Like a lot of other family friendly titles you unlock new characters by progressing through the levels. There is a lot to do in ‘Colour Guardians’ and once you progress through each level, and after clearing each one, you eventually unlock a boss level. I found this had been done very cleverly as considering how the game works, I was surprised to see a boss in the game at all. There is also a lot of content to unlock by collecting all of the colours in each of the levels, such as concept art and music. This can be a nice feature for people who like to unlock everything within a game however collecting all of the colours is not a necessity to progress through to the end.

While ‘Colour Guardians’ is a tough platformer and can be very frustrating it is still a great game and it is very good on the eyes . It offers the challenge that older gamers will enjoy and it also has the charm and art style that children will fall in love with. Plus, with all the unlockables and the variety of levels you might just find yourself playing Colour Guardians for quite a long time.



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