Riptide GP 2 PS4 – Review

Riptide GP 2 is the second game from Vector Unit that I have reviewed, the first being Beach Buggy Racing. Now we turn to Riptide GP 2, again a racing game, but this time we trade driving on sandy beaches for hydro jets on clear blue water.

Firstly Riptide GP 2 is visually impressive, aiming for the realistic approach this time around unlike the kid friendly visuals of Beach Buggy Racing. Each stage is very futuristic and looks very impressive.  The music is nice in the races giving the game a good sense of flow and pace when racing at high speeds. However, I felt that the main menu theme music did not belong and that it sounds like it would be better placed in a space themed game rather than a hydro jet racer.

Gameplay wise it is a typical racing game but the hydro jets feel like they should and feel like they have weight to them. You can also pull tricks to earn boosts which is different. You unlock new tricks by levelling up and purchasing them with skill points.

Features wise, the game is pretty standard with all the expected game types you find in all racing games with plenty of races and stages. There is VR mode where you can race against your friends’ times for various rewards too. Unfortunately, the console version has no online mode which is a let down since the version for mobile does. We do get a 4 player split screen which, like Beach Buggy Racing, runs at a solid 60 fps with no slow down. This again is impressive.

Like Beach Buggy Racing you can also modify your Hydro jet by spending currency that you earn from winning races and beating stages. You can also buy a new hydro jet with better stats. This is a good idea but early on in the game you feel like your standard jet ski just does not have the power required to actually win a race. I personally feel that modifications should act as a progression tool for when moving up in difficulty and should not affect the early game.

Riptide is a pretty standard game besides being based on water instead of land and the ability to pull tricks. Primarily this is nothing new and everything you find here is in pretty much any other racer.



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