Quantum Rush Champions PC – Review

Quantum Rush Champions, not to be confused for Quantum Rush online, is a game created by GameArt Studio and is a real throw back to the old days of wipeout. It also reminded me of the old ‘Star Wars Pod Racers’ in the arcades from the 90’s.

While Quantum Rush Champions is a high-speed futuristic racing game with the usual finish first mind-set, there is a twist with all racers given various weapons scattered around the track and also a standard primary weapon to blow each other up with.

One thing I was quite taken aback by with Quantum Rush Champions was how difficult the games AI was in the beginner races. This is quite abnormal as most of the racing games I have ever played do not use this strategy. In my opinion this is a great idea as I believe that there is nothing worse than an extremely easy AI, causing the first few races to have little to no challenge whatsoever.

The game in general has a great look to it, containing tracks that are full of detail. At times you can find yourself a little confused by the course but for the majority of the game this is not the case. The music is overall a joy to listen to and fits into the game very well by suiting the fast-paced nature of it. There is plenty to do with lots of different game types to keep you interested and plenty of courses to race on. You can also upgrade the ship you race in which you unlock by completing races. You are also given the option to change the paint job on your ship, thus allowing you to give the game your own personal touch.

Quantum Rush Champions is overall a brilliant racing game and a welcome throwback to the days when this kind of game was popular. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game and would highly recommend it if you enjoy this genre.






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