Badland: Game Of The Year Edition – Review

Badland is a side-scrolling action adventure game created by Frogmind studios for PS4, XBox One, PS Vita and Steam. From previously being only on the mobile platform and now converted to console how did the games’ transition go?.

In Badland you play as a creature that can change its’ size and split into multiples of itself by picking up various power ups, while traversing an extremely hostile environment to reach the end of each stage whilst completing various puzzles. Badland has an interesting art style with the game consisting of black silhouettes cast upon colourful, well-drawn backdrops. However, although Badland is a good looking title it is let down by a few problems.

In my opinion the game is ultimately too easy because of the short levels and the amount of check points, thus with having infinite lives it means it is only a matter of time before you manage to complete each level without the need for skill. This caused me to become bored very quickly due to lack of challenge. This however is not the case for every level in the game. There are a few levels that are introduced where you have to be able to complete it in one life or where you have to start from the beginning again, but these levels are few and far between.
That is not to say Badland is a bad game though. The levels are interesting with puzzles that have been very well thought out and this is the main draw of the game. The puzzles are very addictive which is why Badland did so well on mobile formats. With over 40 different stages to play and complete, you will find yourself with plenty to do. Also due to the simple gameplay almost anyone can pick up and play the game, both children and adults alike.

Badland is a simple content rich game with very nice visuals and plenty of levels to enjoy. However, I did find myself bored after a few hours and in my opinion it is a game that is best enjoyed in short bursts. It is also let down by how easy the game is to play with very little to punish players.



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