Beach Buggy Racing – Review


Whilst the cart racer genre is a very competitive place for any new game, how does Vector Units Beach Buggy Racing stack up?

Beach Buggy racing switches out the typical setting of the cart racers for the beach which is a welcome sight with the music helping to set the mood of a tropical setting.

The visuals are solid and the transition from mobile to console has been an overall good move for the game. The visuals are bright which helps to make the game more ‘child friendly.’ The game feels that the controls seem tailored more for a phone rather than a console but once you have gotten used to the slow turning speed of the carts it starts to feel more natural.

The frame rate holds well when plenty is going on. This is especially impressive when playing with friends. Unlike a lot of racing games when using split screen, this does not seem to affect frame rate at all.

Beach Buggy Racing has all the typical power ups we have come to expect from any cart racer, from missiles to bull horns attached to the front of your cart.



Unlike most cart racers, Beach Buggy Racing allows you to customise your cart visually. It also allows you to enhance the carts performance giving the cart you race in that personal touch. There is a lot to do in the game with a very lengthy career mode and plenty to unlock meaning that Beach Buggy Racing will keep you busy for a long time.


Beach Buggy Racing is a fun racing game, brilliant for the whole family. Whilst it does not take risks to break new ground, it is still a great game with child friendly visuals and lots to do.




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