Sparkle Unleashed – Review

Sparkle Unleashed is an action puzzle game from 10 Ton studios. Whilst puzzle games are not exactly main stream in this day and age and are more along the lines of a genre plagued by uninspired games, does  Sparkle Unleashed breathe life back into this troubled genre?

Firstly, the visuals of the game are impressive with plenty of vibrant colours and decent effects to keep the game looking interesting. The music was enjoyable, however I wish there was more of it. While the music is good, after a few levels you find yourself listening to the same music from later levels.

One of the many power-ups available in the game

As far as gameplay goes it is a simple game following the same formula as puzzle games have for years. You match different coloured balls together to make them vanish before they can get to the end of the track and fall down a hole at the end. It is simple but very effective, with different power ups you unlock by getting to braziers. Also new obstacles for example, stone balls that can only be destroyed by matching up the three coloured balls next to it. There is also a lot of variety in levels with a lot of different tracks for balls to move down keeping each level feeling fresh.

I found myself enthralled by Sparkle Unleashed and whilst it is very much nothing new in the way the game works it has good music and a solid game design. Sparkle Unleashed is a great puzzle game and anyone who enjoys the genre, whether young or old, should give Sparkle Unleashed a try.




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