XBOX E3 2015 Roundup and Thoughts

Xbox came out guns blazing this year with plenty to make Xbox one owners really excited for the future. This gave us a peek at a lot of games from franchises Xbox fans know and love and even from some nobody expected.

Firstly, Xbox’s mascot Master Chief got his run out in Halo:5 Guardians giving us a good look at the campaign. This for the most part was as expected – a well polished shooter with great visuals which has become the norm for Halo.

But then came an unexpected new title from the creators of Metroid and MegaMan – ReCore. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any gameplay this time around but still this game will be closely watched considering the heritage ReCore’s Devs come from.

We also got to see Fallout 4 gameplay again and a trailer for Dark Souls 3, which leaked before the show. Whilst we didn’t get to see any game play, we got a short trailer confirming the leaks were real. Dark Souls 3 is scheduled to be released early 2016 and we will probably see more on Dark Souls 3 at TGS later this year. There were a lot of other titles from Microsoft’s conference such as Dark Zone, Sea of thieves and Ion. Gears of War 4 looked impressive, both in gameplay and in visuals. I just hope that Gears of War 4 can find its way back on track from the recent worries the series has found itself in recent entries. Lara Croft put on a good show on the timed exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider. \we got to see gameplay of Lara in action and Square Enixs’ Tomb Raider fails to disappoint. If this recent entry into the series is anything like the last, we are in for a real treat on November 10th.

Last but not least, the big news for the console is backwards compatibility. Xbox fans can now play old 360 games on their new console. This has left a lot of Playstation 4 owners with a sour taste in their mouth and a lot of Xbox one owners glad they went green instead of Blue.

Xbox did extremely well this year showing that even if the console had a rough ride at the start of its life cycle, Microsoft can dust themselves off and prove that they have the ability to fight back and make Playstation 4 owners have second thoughts on their purchase.


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