Bethesda E3 Round up and Thoughts

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition

So the main press conferences are all over for another year so I thought giving my own view on E3 as a whole.

Bethesda kicked off the conferences in style showing off Fallout 4 which looked very impressive with a good look at the features with a large gameplay show and giving us a release date for later this year.
We also got a look at the Pip boy edition of the game which includes a Pip boy that fits to your arm that you phone can slot into which can have the pip boy app running on it a really cool feature

Fallout Shelter

And Fallout shelter a new mobile game for apple phones and tablets an android version maybe in the works were still awaiting confirmation.

Gameplay of DOOM4

DOOM 4 was next up which looked great fast fluid first person combat what the DOOM franchise is all about which is great to see the franchise going back to its roots a far cry from DOOM 3’s boring dark corridor shooting gallery’s.
DOOM’s map creator looked really impressive finally console player’s can do as much modding as PC player’s

Bethesda gave us a good look at various titles they’re working on which is really good to see Bethesda branching out to create various kinds of games Such as a Free to play strategy  card game The Elder Scrolls Legends for PC and Ipad.

Battlecry opened its doors for its global Beta and a dishonoured definitive edition was announced for PS4 and XBOX One.
Dishonored 2 got a short trailer and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it from the future.

Bethesda also announced a portal for all games Bethesda and a place for people to share community created content for Bethesda games.

In my opinion Bethesda’s Conference was a success with plenty of games and content to make any gamer excited for Bethesda games in the future.


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