Fallout 4 Reveal Thought’s


So Bethesda recently announced Fallout4 which is no surprise a new title to the successful Fallout Series would be released there are a lot of mixed impressions around the reveal trailer so these are my thoughts on the trailer.

So from the outset the trailer is very reminiscent of the fallout 3 trailer with typical fallout style music panning through the typical setting we have come to expect from the series but with the twist of switching between the present and past seeing the world as it was before the bombs fell was a welcome sight as it really added to the trailers depiction of how dreadful and dreary a post nuclear war world would be giving us an insight on what the world lost when the bombs were falling with all the panic.

The visuals were good not the best which have been shown from games in recent years but the game itself does look good.

I am a firm believer in game play over graphics which I have no doubt with Bethesda’s track record of amazing deep and rewarding games that this graphical issue which is a point of much controversy is really not a big deal in my eyes.

It looks like the dog will be playing more of a bigger role this time around as a lot of focus is put on it I have mixed feelings on this while a companion in the wastes would be great so long as the dog is capable of looking after itself and we are not constantly protecting it.

Finally we see the outside world with things we didn’t really see in the previous titles trees, dead trees but trees none the less and dried up rivers something to break up the barren landscape is always welcome in my view.

We also get to hear something that really did take me by surprise the man the dog runs too at the end had a voice now while it’s not confirmed to my knowledge that this is the main character it is very much implied again a point of controversy to be honest im not really too bothered by this after playing games like mass effect it comes to no surprise Bethesda trying their hand at voice acting their main character.


My final thoughts around the trailer are mostly positive and I cannot wait to see more of Fallout 4.


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